Sunday, April 25

Lookin' For Some American Idol News?

'Idol' favorite takes high road in explaining her ouster

The nation may have been shocked when Jennifer Hudson got the boot this week on American Idol. But Hudson has her own theory.

Hudson and the other top contenders, LaToya London and Fantasia Barrino, were the bottom three on Wednesday's elimination show. Viewers were stunned. Immediately, fans were rushing to put the blame somewhere. Bad weather in Hudson's Midwestern fan base? Racism? Sabotage?

"I think people just take it for granted because it's Fantasia, Jennifer and LaToya, and we are the divas," Hudson said on AI host Ryan Seacrest's other TV show, On Air. "They just assume we'd be fine so they decided to help out somebody else . . . and just left us hanging."
Now, here's that American Idol news: I haven't seen a single episode of this thing since the first couple of shows of the first season. I guess this thing with Jennifer Hudson is a big deal with AI's viewers. I just don't like talent shows on TV for one, and for another, I call the show "American Lounge Singer." Watching people judged on singing with a lush orchestra behind them just doesn't connect with me.

When Fox puts on a show with someone who can fix the code on this blog so people with Mozilla and Safari can view it without problems - THAT is must-see TV for me.