Sunday, April 25

Sponsors! Boon or Hinderance?

Now that my BlogAds sponsors have dried up (I'm enjoying my Bush voodoo doll), it's time to put it to you guys. I know those of you who use some Mac browsers have had issues with the ads appearing in the middle of your window (I know, the same thing'll continue with the Buzzflash headlines - deal with it).

Should I keep offering a fine and affordable way to get advertisers' messages to the smart and loyal readers of Hoffmania! The Chronicle of the American Condition? Or should I stop being a greedy li'l bastard?

Vote now. You have 10 seconds. GO!

Sponsors: Boon or Hinderance?
Doesn't matter
I'm going to waste everyone's time and say "No Comment"

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DISCLAIMER: Any advertiser or progressive candidate who decides to hop on the Hoffmania! juggernaut will render this poll null and void. Kinda like buying an election, but much better. You won't find THAT kind of honesty at InstaPundit, dammit.