Thursday, April 22

Bremer: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Still Kinda My Enemy...

...but if I don't make nice with my enemy, my enemy can really bust my ass. SOOOO...


Policy easing to bring Baathists into new Iraq
From John King
CNN Washington Bureau

(CNN) -- The White House confirmed Thursday that the administration is moving to change a postwar policy that blocked members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party from Iraqi government and military positions.

The sweeping ban was put in place by civilian administrator Paul Bremer, but he now wants to change the policy as part of an effort to convince Sunnis, who dominate the party, that they are welcome members of the postwar political transition in Iraq.

There also have been complaints that the ban has kept teachers, engineers, well-trained technocrats and experienced military officers out of the difficult postwar transition.

Saddam headed the Baath Party in Iraq for decades, and its members were allowed educational opportunities and to hold key posts.
Does this qualify as the Mother of All Flip-Flops? Man, it sure comes close...