Monday, April 19

The Nader Factor Begins To Loom Large

The new WaPo/ABC News poll has Bush leading Kerry 47% to 42% with Nader getting 7%.

Now the interesting part: They asked Nader supporters who they'd vote for if Nader wasn't in the race. 21% said Bush, 64% said Kerry.

See the whole deal here.

The bottom line? Kerry's got to get the message out there and KEEP it out there. Voters still don't know much about this guy and worse, he's still running solo against the Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld machine. Not having a running mate picked may also underscore the incomplete-ness of Kerry's status right now. There are a lot of things happening - or more specifically, not happening yet - that will become a lot more clear as the campaign gels. Hopefully, Kerry will overcome the recognizability problem he has against Bush AND Nader. Until then, it's gonna be a very, very chaotic ride.