Wednesday, April 28

NY Times/CBS Poll: Bush's Momentum Drops The Anchor

It's ugly.

Poll: Growing Doubts On Iraq

One year after the declared end of major combat in Iraq, Americans have new doubts about the war and doubts about what the Bush Administration has said about it.

Just 32 percent, the lowest number ever, say Iraq was a threat that required immediate military action a year ago.

Less than half, 47 percent, now say the U.S. did the right thing taking military action in Iraq, the lowest support recorded in CBS News/New York Times Polls since the war began.

There are growing concerns about the long-term impact of the war. 41 percent now think the war increased the threat of terrorism against the U.S. 71 percent say the Administration's policies have worsened the U.S.'s image in the Arab world.
The election matchups:

...when asked whom they'd support if the November election were held today (though it is still six months in the future) they divide almost evenly: Kerry 46 percent, Bush 44 percent. Should Ralph Nader join the race, it becomes Bush 43 percent, Kerry 41 percent, and Nader 5 percent.
Again we say: Kerry's got these numbers flying silently and flying solo. The White House has all their money and all their people fighting the ground war and this is all they can muster. Kerry has yet to get his message out and he will - and once he gets his team in place and mobilizing, it'll get very, very interesting.