Tuesday, April 27

It's Reached Obnoxious - It's Approaching Insane

The big controversy brewed up by the Bush campaign over ribbons vs. medals...enabled of course by Fox News' #1 Botox candidate, Brit Hume.

By the way, an alert reader tells us on today's episode, Brit and Fox are beginning the new storyline: Karen Hughes isn't saying anything that needs approval from Bush because she's technically not a member of the administration.

In other words - in so many words - she's been hired by the Bush-Cheney campaign to be an independent Kerry-basher and character assassin.

The last 24 hours (and likely the next 48) have pushed us to the breaking point with these criminally insane jackasses. We really, really don't like them. Not a bit. And we don't want our future in their hands.