Monday, April 26

What's That Choir Of Voices Singing "PLEASE Don't Help Us"?

Why, it's North Korea after looking at our resume'. But in this election year, the Bush gang is trying something new: diplomacy. A little too late, you jackasses...

U.S. Offers to Help N.Korea with Train Blast

The United States on Monday offered to help North Korea cope with a train blast that killed at least 161 people, despite a standoff over the communist state's suspected nuclear weapons programs.
Secretary of State Colin Powell said the United States, already a major food donor to the impoverished nation, was coordinating with the United Nations to provide financial and possibly other support.

Any goodwill gesture while North Korea is in the spotlight over last week's explosion could take on diplomatic overtones as the United States tries to coax North Korea to soon hold working-level talks on ending its nuclear ambitions.

"We will be making an offer, some financial assistance, and we are waiting to see what the need is and what else we might be able to do," Powell told reporters. "We are making the United Nations aware of our willingness to participate in whatever relief efforts it might be appropriate for us to participate in."