Wednesday, April 28

Pushing Back - With Both Hands

Blah3 makes a find: The Bush wolfpack has been relentless in their attacks on their critics and Americans who dare to utter disagreement. Someone has been pushed to the brink of blue rage, and they have hit back with their best shot.

In this case it's the written word, and man, it's an instant classic. It should be printed, framed and mounted in every home of every caring American.

Here are the writer's creds:

Sheila Samples is an Oklahoma freelance writer and a former US Army Public Information Officer. She is a proud member of the Order of Saint Barbara -- the Field Artillery's Patron Saint.
Sheila fights back against the hammering being doled out by the White House Chickenhawks. Her words fly off the screen and hit you right in the gut.

Read it, email it to your loved ones and shout it - as she says - from the top of Echo Mountain.