Monday, April 19

The Kind Of Rhetoric That Doesn't Talk Me Into Anything

Forget that this airtime hog took 45 minutes of cable news time to show his flopping face and rumblin' bumblin' stumblin' folksiness to as many people as he could with this nonsense. President Prayerpants tried to sell the Patriot Act today by saying this:

And there's only one path to safety and that's the path of action. Congress must act with the Patriot Act. We must continue to stay on the offense when it comes to chasing these killers down and bringing them to justice -- and we will. We've got to be strong and resolute and determined. We will never show weakness in the face of these people who have no soul, who have no conscience, who care less about the life of a man or a woman or a child. We've got to do everything we can here at home. And there's no doubt in my mind that, with the Almighty's blessings and hard work, that we will succeed in our mission.
Let me say first that I'm not in any way siding with terrorists or anyone who harms innocent people. Anyone.

That said, who the hell is this man to decide who has souls and who doesn't? And how does he reconcile asking for the Almighty's blessings when he's trying to nation-build in a Muslim stronghold? This jackass simply DOES NOT THINK. The more he talks, the more he falls face-first into the belief everything is a mission from God. He sure doesn't speak for most of my Christian friends and he sure as hell doesn't speak for me as some kind of moral religious leader. I have a rabbi, thank you. If I want guidance on who has souls and who doesn't, I'll seek his advice, not yours.

I'm really REALLY sick of Bush throwing us in front of the bus - putting us in harm's way - every time he opens his trap. Especially when he claims to do it in the name of the Almighty. Shut the hell up, Mr. Morality. You've been pissing off everybody on the planet since you walked into the White House, and you're continuing to piss them off. Including the Almighty Himself.