Monday, April 19

Meanwhile, In Jamaica...

We love this place. So did Johnny Cash and apparently, so does Hillary Clinton. But my favorite vacation place has its share

Clampdown on 'bus sex'

THE MINISTRY of Transport and Works is threatening to revoke the licences and sub-licences of operators of public passenger vehicles which it said condoned sexual activity among school children and adults travelling on buses.

Minister of Transport and Works, Robert Pickersgill made the disclosure at the launch of World Health Day held at the Excelsior Community College yesterday.

"The issue of adults and school children engaging in sexual intercourse in public passenger vehicles is a matter of concern. This issue is once again in the news and various proposals have been made with a view to terminate the practice," said the Minister.

"I have given particular instructions and licences and sub-licences will be revoked if illicit sexual practices are conducted on the buses."

Mr. Pickersgill explained that the Transport Authority is working with the Island Traffic Authority and the police to catch offenders particularly on Route 82 ­ Cross Roads to Waterhouse, which has generated the greatest number of complaints.

"As a result of operations carried out by these entities, tints were removed from 17 buses and musical equipment was removed from 11 buses. The public should know that investigations have revealed that the buses that are heavily tinted and feature loud, lewd music are the ones that tend to facilitate these illicit sexual activities," said Mr. Pickersgill.