Thursday, April 29

Good News, America!

Terror attacks worldwide are down! Well, one exception.

U.S. says terrorism down, excluding Iraq
State Dept. says line between insurgency and terrorism 'blurred'

WASHINGTON - The State Department reported Thursday there were fewer international terrorist attacks last year than any time since 1969 — but the figures don’t include most of the violence in Iraq.

Though Bush administration officials frequently refer to Iraqi insurgents as terrorists, most attacks in Iraq were not considered international terrorism because they were directed at combatants, the report said.

“Increasingly, the line between insurgency and terrorism has been blurred by anti-coalition attacks that have included suicide car bombings at police stations, an Italian military police base and the headquarters of the International Red Cross,” the State Department said in its annual report on terrorism.

The 181-page Patterns of Global Terrorism Report offered a country-by-country review of terrorist attacks and cooperation in fighting terrorism.
Well we know the U.S. is down from a high of four in 2001.