Tuesday, June 15

Can't I Get To Bed Without Crap Happening?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...WHOA.

Is someone (the U.S.) trying to smuggle something (radioactivity) into a country with no WMDs (Iraq)? Sure as hell looks like it. This better not be what we think it is...

U.S truck carrying radioactive material caught in Kuwait

Kuwait refused to allow a radioactive material-bound truck to enter the country as demanded by the US army, Kuwait Times reported Sunday.

Kuwaiti customs department on Thursday impounded four trucks on route to Iraq for suspicion that they were loaded with radioactive material.

After checkup, three of them were found not containing any radioactive material, while the fourth was found to be carrying a container of highly radioactive substance.

Customs officials refused to open the truck, and insisted that it should not move before American military personnel and Kuwaiti security officers arrive at the scene.

NOTE: This event was reported by the Kuwait Times.
Kuwait. The country whose ass we saved 12 years ago. Busting us carrying radioactivity TO Iraq. Oy, this reeeeealy better not be what it looks like.