Friday, August 13

Admitting You're Gay and Resigning Over It - Not Enough for the GOP

Dear God, these people just don't know when to stop. James McGreevey resigned as governor of NJ just because he knew that his sexual orientation would make the opposition's hair curl. But instead of any shred of "compassionate conservatism," the stampeding elephants immediately scream for more blood. These people are sickening.
Even as McGreevey resigned, he faced the charge that his timing was politically calculated. He does not intend to leave office until mid-November, a move aides portrayed as driven by the need for a smooth transition in this time of a terror alert. Republicans dismissed the explanation, saying that the timing is purely political.

If McGreevey steps down before Sept. 13, he would trigger a special election. If he steps down afterward, the Democratic senate president can serve out the remainder of the governor's turn.

"Regardless of the governor's personal issues, he can no longer effectively govern the state," said Brian Nelson, executive director of the New Jersey Republican State Committee, who threatened to sue to force a quick resignation.