Saturday, August 14

How Many Oregonians Does It Take to Make a Kerry Rally?

Oh, about 50,000.

Tens of thousands of supporters greet John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry as they conclude their Believe In America Cross Country Tour in Portland, Oregon.

UPDATE: Promoted from the Comments:
I attended this wonderful event and was one of the lucky ones who managed to get in early enough to be close enough to actually be able to see clearly the faces of the speakers...

It was one of the best days of my life to see and hear someone that I admire greatly.. The speeches were heartfelt and warm, filled with enthusiasm and hope
for a better future.

There were hundreds of us veterans there and all of us were very pro-Kerry. I was amazed at the camaderie between all who attended. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and everywhere you looked there were those who wore their liberal pride on their clothing, hats, tee shirts, carried Kerry signs and banners.. If this is any indication of the size of the support of our freedoms, then we should be able to get back to normal after Nov. 2 this year..

To all that attended, I salute you and wish you Bon Courage and Vive La Liberte!!!!

Go Johnny Go!!!!!

- maheanuu_tane