Thursday, August 19

Michelle Malkin - Creative Kleptomaniac

The woman who fancies herself as a conservative "columnist" and "author" displayed her penchant for blatantly ripping off other people's words and hijacking them as her own. Her meltdown on Hardball tonight was the showcase for her thievery.
"Hardball" - 8/19/04:

BROWN: I think Massachusetts politics is always been very respectful of the other person's view and very committed to the idea they don't want to seem negative and they don't want to be criticized for an absence of integrity.

MALKIN: He is a boy in the bubble, Chris. And...

MATTHEWS: What does that mean?

MALKIN: He hasn't been subjected to this kind of heat.
Where'd she get that great "boy in the bubble" line? Oh, a scant six nights ago, on another show she was on - where the line was invoked by Bill Maher to describe Bush.
"Real Time with Bill Maher" - 8/13/04:

MAHER: Come on, [Bush is] the boy in the bubble. [laughter] I mean, George - [applause] - does George Bush ever hear - he doesn't read the paper. I think he gets all his information from Andrew Card whispering in his ear. [laughter]

EMANUEL: And that the president gets removed from the public. And they're politicians. So they feed off of that. What's weird about this, or strange or just a little off the beat, is other presidents have complained about it; he has embraced it, the bubble. And that's what makes it different than any other president. Other presidents fight against it, jump out of cars, try to go meet people, try to figure out a way to get outside of this bubble. And they've embraced it and encouraged it.

MAHER: All right. [laughter] Do you think he's too much in a bubble?

MALKIN: Yeah, I think that his micro-managers aren't serving him well.

MAUREEN DOWD [via satellite]: I'm doing great, Bill.

MAHER: All right. I wouldn't mind having you on my breakfast table twice a week. [laughter] Anyway, did you hear what we were saying there about Bush in the bubble, because you certainly became famous covering Bush, '41, the first Bush.
Malkin must be in a bubble of her own if she didn't think someone was going to bust her on her lack of an original thought. She owes Bill Maher an apology. Hack. Gotta wonder how much of the book she's hawking was "borrowed" from other books...

Again - thanks, Jer