Thursday, October 14

We Voted Tuesday

As we had been planning for months, we've voted absentee and will get the hell out of the country over election day to turn off the brains. California counts its absentee ballots the day before election day, so everyone in our family's feeling real good about it.

Absentee voting has its plusses. No hurry. No parking hassles. You can quintuple-check before submitting it. You can do it over dinner or a glass of wine. (I tried that latter activity with online driving school to erase points off my record - I wouldn't advise it.) The only stumbling block is that you're at the mercy of the U.S. Postal Service - which really ain't bad. I know I'd never personally deliver a birthday card from Los Angeles to a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado within three days - for 37 cents. But they do it.

So as I'm looking forward to hearing the election results that night on Irie-FM (and deciding if I should return, depending on the result), let us know how you're planning to vote in the new Big Poll.