Thursday, October 14

Ya See, This is What I Was Kinda Worried About

When Bush and his gang of liars told the world that Saddam was sitting on a stockpile of chemical weapons, and he wanted to send our soldiers in there to 'splode 'em - the first thought that crossed my mind is, what kind of sicko would send American kids unilaterally into the maws of death?

I mean, if he HAD WMDs as Bush said he did, what would he wait to use them for? An invasion of his country by his sworn enemy? HELLO?

Well, the brave soldiers of the last Gulf War walked into those maws back when he HAD a weapons program.
Chemicals Sickened '91 Gulf War Veterans, Latest Study Finds

A federal panel of medical experts studying illnesses among veterans of the 1991 war in the Persian Gulf has broken with several earlier studies and concluded that many suffer from neurological damage caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, rejecting past findings that the ailments resulted mostly from wartime stress.

Citing new scientific research on the effects of exposure to low levels of neurotoxins, the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses concludes in its draft report that "a substantial proportion of Gulf War veterans are ill with multisymptom conditions not explained by wartime stress or psychiatric illness."

It says a growing body of research suggests that many veterans' symptoms have a neurological cause and that there is a "probable link" to exposure to neurotoxins.

The report says possible sources include sarin, a nerve gas, from an Iraqi weapons depot blown up by American forces in 1991; a drug, pyridostigmine bromide, given to troops to protect against nerve gas; and pesticides used to protect soldiers in the region.