Sunday, September 21

Another Indication It Has Become Another Vietnam

Mortar Fire Kills Two U.S. Soldiers at Iraqi Prison

ABU GHRAIB, Iraq -- A volley of incoming mortar fire that has become almost routine at the U.S.-occupied Abu Ghraib prison slammed into the square-mile prison compound Saturday night, killing at least two U.S. soldiers and seriously wounding at least a dozen of the U.S. Army military police who guard and run it.

It was a relatively light attack -- just two 82 mm rounds, after weeks that have seen as many as seven a night. But one was a direct hit, exploding in a tent filled with U.S. soldiers inside the compound in one of the worst single attacks on American forces since they occupied Iraq five months ago.
Every week, we're turning sad corners on this war. Now we're seeing words like "routine" and "relatively light attack" when we read reports of U.S. casualties in Iraq.

Vietnam. Again.