Friday, September 19

The Mailbag With Brains

Somehow, I've seemed to have attracted a very smart and erudite following. DEAR GOD HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? My e-mail has been a great source of pride for me because of messages like this one (name and work info withheld):

I have quickly become addicted to your blog. The only other one I read regularly is Talking Points Memo. You have an amazing talent of getting news stories before they become mainstream. My friends think I am psychic.

I wanted to thank you for this wonderful service!

One other thing -- not to impugn your effectiveness, but I frequently want to send links from your website to my friends and colleagues but do not. As much as I dislike this administration, I mean REALLY dislike this administration, it would be unprofessional of me to pass on things that refer to them as crackheads. This is your site and you have every right to post what you wish -- but your euphemisms may hinder your evangelization. I suspect if you toned down the language, more people would e-mail your site to others, and your would grow in influence.
We pride ourselves here at getting items posted as soon as we get our mitts on 'em, so for you to notice is genuinely appreciated. And to be lumped into the same company as TPM is indeed an honor.

As for the "crackhead" thing, there's a great point there if you're going to pass my kicky-feet rants around more legit venues. Part of my reply to this writer told of both me and my wife dealing with cocaine addicts in our past (thankfully, neither of us were). Their behavior ranged from arrogant to bull-headded to paranoid to violent - and all the while unable to take responsibility for their actions. Sound familiar?

As I mentioned before, there is far more evidence of Mr. Bush's past with cocaine than that of Mr. Clinton using pot. Still, Clinton's enemies still refer to him as "that pot-smoking draft-dodger" to this day. Even if it were true, the difference between the knee-jerk arrogance of Team Bush and the calculated level-headedness of Team Clinton illustrates the difference between the two personality cultures.

But let's not kid ourselves - I'm an attention whore. And anything I can do to get the message out to as many people as possible who need to be educated to a higher level of sanity and fairness, well - okay. I'll back off on the overusage of "crackhead" when refering to the current presidency.

Unless of course they do something really crackheaded. Which can be at any minute.