Wednesday, September 24

Michael Moore Builds The Perfect Candidate

Gee, Mike...I didn't know Ralph Nader met all these criteria.
So, Howard Dean, if you want my vote, promise me that you'll cut the Pentagon budget and call for a moratorium on the death penalty. Wesley Clark, if you want my vote, tell me how you'll guarantee health care to every single American and that, even though you're a hunter, you'll push for stronger gun control laws. Dennis Kucinich, if it were you vs. Bush today, I'd hope that you would have done the work needed to convince the majority of Americans to vote for you. Carol Moseley Braun, if the moderator at the debate on Thursday ignores you for the first 15 minutes (as George Stephanopoulos did back in the May debate), I hope you won't wait your turn and will just jump right in—we're long overdue for a woman President. And Al Sharpton, just keep being you and cutting through all the b.s. in these debates -- you produce the stinging laugh we all need right now.
I guess I'm just still stinging over the 2000 debacle which (sorry, Mike) was due in no small part to your shilling for the Green party. Hope you'll understand if not all the candidates fall all over themselves just to make you happy.