Thursday, September 18


I'm hearing this "Howard Dean is George McGovern" crap again from both Repubs and Dems, and frankly, I'm sick of it. So to repeat what I said about this subject last July:

Dear readers...what people keep forgetting in Nixon's landslide over McGovern in '72 was what a fallen rock zone McGovern's campaign was. I was there. I was a student activist for McGovern. And even I lost faith as that November loomed.

So for any pundit/columnist/political genius who has forgotten, PAY ATTENTION:

In the middle of the campaign, it was revealed that McGovern's running mate Tom Eagleton was treated for nervous exhaustion three times in the 60s - and twice went for electroshock therapy for depression. McGovern's pledge to stand behind Eagleton "1000%" - just before he replaced him with R. Sargent Shriver - was a political disaster. And Shriver's vast (and only) political experience as head of the Peace Corps wasn't what we in advertising call "added value" in a presidential team.

If Dean has half a brain (which gives him the edge over Dumbya if he's the Dem's choice), he won't repeat McGovern's ineptness. Let's drop the comparisons once and for all. Okay?