Saturday, September 20

Another Radio Legend Gets Conglomerated

Dan Ingram is the reason just about every disk jockey from the NYC area got into the business. He's still one of the smartest and quickest minds you'll hear on the air, and he deserves much better than this.

Legendary disc jockey Dan Ingram says he decided to hang up his headphones rather than take a pay cut.

"Let's just say the people with sharp pencils at [WCBS-FM parent] Infinity Broadcasting decided the amount of money they were paying me was way too much and they just wanted somebody cheaper," Ingram told Ed Walsh yesterday on WOR radio's morning program.

Ingram, a mainstay of New York radio for more than 40 years - the last 10 at CBS (101.1 FM) - disappeared from his weekend shifts on the oldies station without explanation in June. Ingram wasn't given a chance to bid farewell to his fans with a final show.

"I think they were afraid of what I might say," he told Walsh. A spokeswoman for Infinity Broadcasting declined to comment.
Ingram's a pro. He has always conducted himself with class and grace in his entire career, and they really underestimated him. I was both sorry and elated to read this part of the story:

Ingram added he has no plans to return to the air as a disk jockey. Instead, the die-hard Democrat and longtime union official is shopping a one-minute commentary segment to radio stations.
For my money, anything this guy does is golden, and he'll be great at it. I worked with this radio giant, and he unselfishly gave me huge moral support when my feet were being dragged out the door of Musicradio WABC. As I said - class. Good luck, Kemosabe.