Sunday, September 21

Dean Swings For The Fences the next ballpark. We knew the Howard Dean campaign was going to try to do something spectacular this month, and here it is. They're trying to raise $5 million in web contributions over the next ten days.

I've always wondered how they were able to pull off their past endeavors by targeting both Bush and Cheney in their respective fund-raisers, but they did it. So I'll bury any doubts I have about these folks pulling it off, and we'll just watch the progress from here with the progress meter in the left column.

By the way, contributions made through this site get credited to Hoffmania! - no monetary reward, just an ego pat on the head over our ability to help out. If I get any status update, I'll let you all know. So far, we've already raised $50 since I posted the link several minutes ago. Damn.