Thursday, September 25

Avoid Slapping Yourself In The Forehead When You Read This

Wait. Put your hands at your side. And keep in mind how utterly scripted every nuance of the flightsuit episode was. The turning of the ship to avoid San Diego in the camera shots. The position of the "Mission Accomplished" banner. The camera crew of about 4 dozen waiting for him. Okay? Good. You may continue.
'Mission accomplished': Bush brag or Demo fib?

After weeks of Democratic assaults that President Bush was a nitwit for declaring "mission accomplished" in Iraq during his May 1 landing and victory speech on the USS Abraham Lincoln, the White House is bidding to set the story straight. The issue should be a simple one: Bush never uttered those words. "The president," argues communications boss Dan Bartlett, "said exactly the opposite: The mission continues." But Bush stood under a banner declaring "mission accomplished." Why? Bartlett says that the Lincoln's captain had the banner made up to thank his crew for the longest-ever carrier tour, not to declare the war over. "It is something the troops are really proud of," says Bartlett. "Of course they can hang the banner." But the picture was all the Demos needed. "On TV," he says, "they never play the [sound] bite of the president, they just show the image with the banner." Democratic polls show that the public buys their spin, which doesn't really surprise Bartlett. "Look, perception becomes reality," he says. "But the facts don't back it up."
We bet you slapped that forehead at "said exactly the opposite" didn't ya?