Monday, September 29

Bush's Words Come Back To Haunt Him Just Like An Old Flightsuit

"First, we must remember the high standards that come with high office. ... above all, we are all accountable to the law and to the American people. My White House counsel, Al Gonzales, is my pointman on these issues. ... Second, we must remember that high standards of conduct involve not only obeying the law, but showing civility. As we go about our work, there's no excuse for arrogance and never a reason for disrespect toward others.... You'll be my representative. I expect each of you, as an official of this administration, to be an example of humility and decency and fairness."

-- President George W. Bush Conducts Swearing-In Ceremony for White House Staff, 1/22/01
Which one of us wacky looney-lib bloggers dug that quote up?

None. It's been brought back to light by none other than Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, who ripped into the Bush thugs in his official blog just moments ago.

"This was a petty and mean-spirited action, but with far-reaching repercussions. National security interests have been jeopardized, sensitive intelligence operations have been compromised, a woman’s career has been destroyed, and the lives of many of her sources could be at risk. This is a grave matter."
Isn't that worth about five or ten bucks to his campaign?