Friday, September 19

Recall: The GOP Gap Turns Cavernous

How bad has it become for the Repubs? Neocon Tom McClintock may be joining forces with Democrat Cruz Bustamonte to boycott the only debate Schwarzenegger has deemed fit to attend. Again, the L.A. Times:

Both candidates demanded that the format of the debate set for Wednesday in Sacramento be changed, saying it was inappropriate that questions had been provided in advance.

The actor responded angrily, lashing out for the first time against McClintock, the conservative Republican whose candidacy threatens to split the GOP vote in the recall election.

"I think that as far as Tom McClintock is concerned, the question for him is: What side is he on?" Schwarzenegger said. "Is he on the side of the Republicans? Does he represent the Republicans? Or does he represent Bustamante? Because he's getting money from the same Indian tribes that are financing his commercials and his TV spots."
Standing outside of California (which I wish I was until this thing is over), you can understand why the rest of the country is laughing its collective ass off. The Republicans wanted their leading candidate with political experience to step aside and pave the way for a bodybuilder/actor who will not debate unless he can see the questions first.

It's all part of that dumbing-down process we keep hearing about. We see it every day in a president who has lowered the competency bar to the point where the press and the public give him and his thugs a pass at just about everything they'd impeach our previous president for. Well, now we have a living, breathing and tangible example of this on a local level in its embyonic stage. And still, the GOP is sticking by its guns.

Republicans. They're the party of lowered expectations, plain and simple - designed intentionally, so that when any of them does anything that resembles mild success, it seems genius. I call it political flugtag.