Thursday, September 25

Recall Debate: Response From The World's Smartest Mailbag

There isn't a huge crowd of readers to this site, but the ones I do have ROCK. Some e-mail reaction to my recall debate review (scroll down two posts to read it)...

B.I.: "I too have seen the Indian Gaming adds. And everytime he asks "When are they going to pay their fair share?" I yell at the screen "DON'T YOU THINK BEING SCREWED FOR 200+ YEARS IS 'PAYING THEIR DUES'?" Let's take away Arnold's land, give him no way of getting employment. Stick him on an unworkable plot of land and for added kicks make promises of a better life and then don't deliver... See how he feels after that!"

Bossjock: "Well said and written. You may have a future career. Two if you decide to run for office."

Having one career in this economy would be great, thanks.

Finally, spankthedurtyje writes: "Not Only Sex Site makes Huge MONEY!!! Click Here to wrok (sic) at home!!!" I couldn't agree more.

Look for the original piece at Buzzflash later today. You're always welcome to fire back at or by posting a public comment with the link at the end of each post. Keep 'em coming.