Thursday, September 25

Arnold's Business

Oh, yeah. To make the point that he knows how to fix California's economic infratsructure, Arnold Schwarzenegger made this claim at last night's debate:

"I am the only one here that has run businesses, developed them and met the payroll and has paid for workers' compensation and taken care of the health care of the employees."
And it finally dawned on me...we in L.A. all remember that business very well! Need a reminder?


And his current restaurant - Schatzi's On Main - just squeaked a B rating by the L.A. Department of Health.

Current Score: 80 B

017 Holding of PHF
023 Food Storage
028 Soap/Drying Device
031 Improperly Cleaned/Not Maintained Clean
051 Condition
054 Wiping Rag
058 Not Maintained Clean
061 Other Insects
Bon Appetit!