Tuesday, September 23

Recall Back On: Repubs Imploding

By now you all know the California gubernatorial recall is back on for October 7th. This has caused major panic in the Republcan party. Seriously.

If the GOP had more time, they could shake out one of their two top candidates who are splitting the Republican vote. Now, that's not going to happen. Schwarzenegger definitely won't drop out - and bouyed by his rising numbers, neocon Tom McClintock has declared he's in it for the duration.

Well, it gets better.

Remember Darrell Issa? The millionaire congressman who bankrolled the recall so he can become governor? He dropped this bombshell on his partymates...

Shocking Statement About the Election from Issa

A shocking statement from the man who spent a small fortune to get the California recall effort started. Congressman Darrell Issa now say it may be best to keep Gray Davis in office, after all. Issa claims a split between the two leading republicans could result in a disastrous political climate.

He adds that he would rather have Davis as Governor than Cruz Bustamante, who he call a more liberal leader. Issa said, "When you vote, if there are still two major Republicans, Tom McClintock and Arnold Schwarzenegger, then I advise you to vote no on the recall."
This sends a clear message to the state Repubs. In the Bizarro World, that is. Here on Earth, it's panic and confusion.

Fun, ain't it?