Tuesday, September 30

Media Bias Defined

Huh. Guess the Valerie Plame thing isn't really happening...at least according to that standard-bearer of right-wing accuracy, the Washington Times.

Actual screenshot 5:15pm PT 9/30/03

Folks, it is NOWHERE on their website. Not the front page, and not on the Nation/Politics page. It's even been censored from their AP and UPI "Breaking News" sidebars.

Now, let's talk about that bias by the press, shall we?

UPDATE 9:35pm PT: They finally have this elephant in their living room on the Nation/Politics page - ninth story down. Here's their spin on this "minor" story:

Bush endorses probe into CIA leak
President Bush yesterday welcomed a Justice Department probe into whether his administration improperly disclosed the identity of a CIA employee whom Democrats described as a covert agent.
Yessir. Valerie Plame's line of work is just a figment of our wacky liberal imagination. And let's not even start with Drudge's continual sliming of Joe Wilson at his little outpost of truth. These people are just insane.