Monday, September 29

Scott McClellan Hates His Job

He's probably out looking for Ari Fleischer after today's press briefing. Read it all here at the ( site. After pleasant kudos to the New Jersey Devils and happy talk about the Do Not Call registry, the session turned ugly immediately from the first question. The Valerie Plame scandal which is quickly unraveling was the topic throughout most of the hammering session by a suddenly curious press.

I don't think Bush can hide behind the "wartime president" excuse any more. Still, he will never do what the previous 42 presidents had to do in or out of wartime, and that is face the press and the public - warts and all - unscripted - unrehearsed - unknowing of where the questions will come from and what they will be - in the face of this scandal which betrays the trust and mission of our security agencies. The man simply has no guts or discernible leadership qualities to handle such a scenario.

All of you - write, call, fax, e-mail your local newspapers, TV and radio stations and make sure they keep this story on the front burner. Yes. It is that important.

If this administration treats matters such as the identities of CIA operatives this lightly, this marks an egregious breach of national security. It's beyond impeachable. It's treason.