Monday, May 24

Air America Lifts WLIB

After more than a year of holding a rating of 1.1, New York's WLIB enjoyed a nice pop over the last two months to a 1.4 with Air America Radio. This is from Arbitron's monthly report which came out Friday.

Now before you dismiss that number, keep in mind that this rating is basically their debut. The 1.1 represented WLIB's former audience with their ethnic-based programming. It's hard to say right now how many of WLIB's listeners stayed with the format change, but this is very good news for Air America.

Although they still have a pretty big row to hoe (WABC is still the #1 talk station with a 3.9), here's how their 1.4 is faring against some other talk and/or news stations. With a little patience, this little station can do some serious damage. (Numbers from R&R Online)

WWRL 0.4
WEPN (ESPN Radio) 0.4
WKXW 1.0
WOR 2.1
WFAN (Imus & Sports) 2.2
WCBS 2.3