Tuesday, May 18

RIP Tony Randall

All of us grew up and spent our early adulthood with this American treasure. From Broadway to game shows to The Odd Couple and beyond (okay, there was Love Sidney, but there was also his great cameo in King of Comedy). Randall story:

In September 2003, Randall spoke at the National Press Club in Washington as the new spokesman for the National Funeral Directors Association. The association said Randall was eminently qualified for the job because he had attended so many funerals and because he was a recognizable figure to many people old enough to be planning them.

In speaking about his own funeral plans, the comic said: "It's a national day of mourning, and the funeral is held in some vast, impressive place and dignitaries from all over the world come and every important person in the United States comes. George Bush and Richard Cheney come -- but they're not allowed in because everyone knew how much I hated them!"
As a tribute to Tony, get out there and convince someone to vote in his place. He'd have loved that.