Friday, May 21

How SICK Is The Bush Administration?

God-awful sick. Deranged sick. Bloodthirsty sick.

As repulsed as we all are over what we've seen from Abu Ghraib and the Nick Berg beheadding, Bush's jackasses want us to see more - as if we're too stupid to remember how horrible Saddam was.

It's porno for psychos, and they're releasing it to show how mild OUR torture is. This is what the Crackhead Administration calls "a reminder." We call it just plain nauseating.

In case they (or anyone) missed the point: The United States of America is supposed to be THE GOOD GUYS. We already know who the bad guys are. And what those bad guys did does not - NOT - excuse us from what we did at Abu Ghraib. The stupidity and sickness of these people know no depths. It just gets worse and worse.

Saddam-era videos out to contrast prison abuse

WASHINGTON - Video images of brutal treatment of prisoners by Saddam Hussein's government resurfaced this week as part of an effort by some members of the Bush administration and Congress to remind viewers in Iraq and the United States of the previous horrors.

Scenes of floggings, forced amputations and a beheading were distributed to a small number of news organizations in the hope that viewers and readers would see the U.S. invasion of Iraq more favorably and draw a sharp contrast with abuses by American troops, said an administration official who described the publicity effort.

The administration has wanted to "demonstrate the true nature of Saddam's regime, but it's unknown through most of Western Europe and even in the United States," said the official, who requested anonymity because of the issue's sensitivity. "What's really surprising is it's even unknown in parts of Iraq."