Wednesday, May 26

Gore's Passion

I finally watched the Gore speech on C-SPAN tonight. All day I was hearing and reading reactions to it - one of the more predominant being how he yelled. Yell, yell, yell. Some were saying on other boards how Kerry must be upset that Gore yelled. Yelling bad. Mongo no like yell. Dean yell. Dean lose. Al yell. Me no like.

After watching this, I say to the yell-haters, shut your stinkin' pie holes.

This was a magnificent and emotional oratory from a man who for eight years of his professional life helped give this country its greatest years of prosperity, security and sanity. And in three years, he watched this little nimrod and his cowboys systematically destroy every shred of it.

Yes. He raised his voice. Deal with it. He was the vice-president. And by actual count, he was our president-elect in 2000. An attack on our country gave Bush the mandate he never got from that election - and he used that event to dismantle everything in sight - much of which was Gore's very work.

There's no denying that Gore spoke the God's honest truth today. And he spoke it from the heart. Have someone screw up eight years of your work, you'd do the same.

Gore has a lot more to get over than your stupid little peccadillo about yelling. So you. Yeah, you. Get over it. Better yet, watch it.*

* CSPAN has removed it - new link points to MoveOn's highlights