Wednesday, May 26

A Little Help Here!

I know I've seen this somewhere (possibly Kos, since he's graph-happy and I like that) - a graph depicting increased terror alerts versus Bush's approval ratings.

First caller wins A NEW CAR. Prize subject to change. Thanks in advance.

Incidentally, doesn't it occur to Ashcroft that all terr'ists have to do now is...chatter? Or even - heaven help us - broadcast it on every Arab network in the world? They didn't seem to tip their hand that blatantly pre-9/11. But they're doing it now...and it throws the whole country higgledy-piggledy.

And isn't it just a teensy weensy bit suspicious that Ashcroft was afraid that a terror attack would change the Nov. 2 election as it did in Spain? God forbid, you soft, pink, oily jackass.