Friday, May 28

How To Tell When Satellite Radio Has Arrived

When nimrods like me switch satellite radio services.

After several unanswered phone calls and e-mails, I left the XM Nation and hooked up with Sirius today. I still give the music quality edge to XM by a fraction of an inch, but I no longer have to cringe when I get in my car after work when I hear Alan Colmes instead of Janeane Garofalo. I also kinda dig the NBA, NHL (just in time for their seasons to freakin' END) and NFL games they carry.

If you're a bargain hunter, Circuit City* has a nice deal - the SIRPNP2 with the car kit AND the home kit for 149 bucks. Do a one-year subscription and it's $9.99 a month (same as XM) instead of $12.99. Check it out at Sirius' site.

No, I don't get a plug penny for this endorsement, but I oughta.

* Hint: If you go the Circuit City route, order it online and do an instant pick-up at the store. It saves you the hassle of dealing with their sales schnooks.