Thursday, May 27

Limbaugh At War With His Local Paper

Rush, if you don't know by now, resides in and does his show from Palm Beach, Florida. Right now, there's a damned entertaining war going on between Limbaugh and Frank Cerabino of the Palm Beach Post. This week, Cerabino fired another salvo into the legend...

Oh, grow up already.

You're a 53-year-old professional pontificator who made light of torture and abuse because you're addicted to all things Bush.

Hey, I feel sorry for you. I can't imagine what it must be like to suffer from your political addiction. But, for crying out loud, take a little personal responsibility, instead of play-acting through your The Passion of the Rush routine.

You're a seasoned slasher who is bleating foul because you've been hoisted by your own petard.

Hey, it happens. Part of the job. Sometimes you just make a fool of yourself.

You ought to be used to it by now. Donovan McNabb. Name ring a bell?

So quit acting like one of those teenagers in an MTV reality show.

That "out-of-context" stuff is so dog-ate-my-homework.

By the way, thanks for the full-page ad in The Palm Beach Post last week, allegedly to refute my column from last Sunday and to instruct county residents on the editorial opinions of The Washington Times -- always a useful perspective in local events. And thanks for discussing my offending column on the air.
Go read this column, and check out the other columns which are driving Rush batpoop. It's working at getting under his skin better than crank calls.

By the way, Cerabino served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. So right away, you know Rush hates him.