Monday, May 17

Bush's Very Busy And Proper Day

Kerry and Bush were both in Kansas to mark the 50th anniversary of Brown vs. Board. Bush's comments kinda reminded me of the old "You just can't put too much water in a nuclear reactor" SNL bit.

"The habits of racism in America have not all been broken," Bush said. "The habits of respect must be taught to every generation."
Was he happy or sad about the first sentence? And was he talking to everyone or just blacks in the second sentence? (Don't give me a hard time - I know what he meant.)

Of course, Bush's rare prim and proper behavior didn't go unnoticed by - well, his own people:

Bush spokesman Steve Schmidt accused Kerry of "introducing partisan invective into this historic anniversary."

Bush's speech was billed by the White House as official rather than political, meaning the costs were paid by the government. Bush spoke for 12 minutes and did not mention Kerry.
Nor did he talk about Free Iraq or tax cuts for everyone except the people he spoke to today. And oh, yeah...he had to run along. Next sentence in the story, please?

Later, he went to Atlanta for a fund-raising dinner at the home of Robert Nardelli, chief executive officer of Home Depot. The event, closed to the press, was expected to raise $3.2 million for the GOP's "Victory 2004" get-out-the-vote fund.
Shopping tip: Orchard Supply. Lowes. Anyone but Home Depot.