Tuesday, May 25

Why Does America Hate America?

Remember when the wingnuts loved to label liberals as angry? Well, America is now in touch with its inner fury - thanks to King Wingnut.

Anger Rising
Americans Increasingly Frustrated With Bush Iraq Policy

Anger is up, pride is down, worry continues, and hopefulness - while still present - is in shorter supply. Those are among the changes in Americans' emotional responses to the situation in Iraq, compared with the early days of the war in March 2003.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds the sharpest change is in anger. As the war began, 30 percent of Americans were angry about it; today, asked about the situation in Iraq, 57 percent are angry - almost twice as many. Anger is highest - 70 percent - among the roughly half of Americans who think that, given its costs versus its benefits, the war was not worth fighting.