Sunday, May 16

Will, Sullivan, Kristol, Neuharth...

...and it looks like you can add Tim Russert and even Colin Powell to the list of Bush-friendly folks who have had enough.

In what could end up being a huge breach of the TV technicians union (NABET) - not to mention a delivering major black eye to their credibility - one "Emily" thought she was doing the right thing. She ended up making a slightly rough interview a cause celebre by taking the camera off Powell during Russert's tough questioning of Powell's U.N. testimony.

Watch it here.

Russert and Powell both look extremely annoyed as this is happening, and for good reason. This is exactly the sort of thing that used to happen in Communist-bloc countries when the news wasn't going their way. The difference is that the Reds did it with a little more panache and finesse than this.

I have Powell snapping and clearing his desk by June 23rd in my "I Quit and I'm Writing a Frigging Book" pool.