Tuesday, May 18

Compassionate Conservatives In California

To be fair, I need to start out by saying that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach, CA) is a flaming jackass and a zit on the butt of our State of California.

That said, his greatest contribution to humanity is introducing a bill which would curb - and in some cases refuse - hospital care for undocumented aliens. Under this plan, they'd either be kicked to the curb or worse, turned in to the feds...just for coming to the hospital because of illness or injury. He was allowed to do this in exchange for his vote on the Medicare bill. This is how he cashed in that favor. Nice, huh?

I'm not quite sure which segment of his constituency he's serving with this criminally insane mindset, but I'm guessing it's Orange County's dwindling right-wing psychotic populace. Thankfully, the bill went down in flames, although Rohrabacher vows his sick little creation will live again.

This is the quality of leadership we're enjoying here in California. So how's everything in your neck of the woods?

Bill to curb emergency care for illegal aliens defeated

Legislation that would have allowed hospitals to curb care to illegal immigrants, and required caregivers to report those who sought emergency treatment, was soundly defeated by the House on Tuesday.

The bill, which also could have made many employers of undocumented aliens liable for their emergency care costs, failed on a 331-88 vote. It was strongly opposed by medical providers and Hispanic groups, which argued that it would have turned nurses and doctors into de facto immigration agents and discouraged immigrants from seeking needed care.

Sponsoring Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif. (Huntington Beach), also blamed "big business" for lobbying against the legislation and vowed it "will live to fight another day." Rohrabacher represents parts of Orange County and the South Bay area of Los Angeles. [..]

Under Rohrabacher's bill, hospitals would have been eligible for the payments only if they provided information about the aliens to the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees immigration. The department would have been required to initiate deportation proceedings against them.

Hospitals would have been allowed to refuse treatment if an illegal immigrant could be sent to his or her home country "without a significant likelihood of material deterioration of medical condition of the alien (or, in the case of an alien in active labor, of the child)."
Among Rohrabacher's past highlights was this tirade on the floor of Congress:

About 2 months ago the foreign minister of Pakistan came to visit in California and got up and publicly acknowledged that it was not just Pakistan and Saudi Arabia that created the Taliban, but it was the United States, your representatives were in the room, and so quit blaming Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Well, thank you, President Clinton. If there was a representative of the United States Government in the room, it was a representative of President Bill Clinton. It was a representative of our State Department. Want to ask who is responsible for 9-11? There you go. We now are dealing with national security threats that were passed on to us during the Clinton administration.

The world lost respect for us, and they certainly did not fear us at all after 8 years of Bill Clinton. Human rights under that administration was turned into America's lowest priority. It became a joke in the sense that we would have the President of the United States going to China, talking about human rights, and then having business as usual, even though those same human rights violations were going on. Dealing with gangsters and dictators and the likes of the Taliban became the order of the day for 8 years under President Clinton.

Well, thank God we now have a President who acts forcefully and thus will prevent gangsters and terrorists and people like the Taliban from thinking they can attack Americans and kill us by the thousands and get away with it.
Thank God indeed, freakin' Nostradamus. Unfortunately, Dana's just a tad bit further to the right of Bush when it comes to immigration. And for a REAL knee-slapper, read his speech on the Iraqi prison abuses, where he somehow manages to do a little more Clinton-bashing, derisively mentioning his name fifteen times.

I'm guessing Rohrabacher's aggressively trying to re-impeach Clinton as we speak.