Thursday, May 20

Kerry And McCain - Villains Of The Right

I was just browsing the news to find any new developments in the McCain-Hastert spat, and I came across this deal in NewsMax. The wingnuts are circling their wagons - around John McCain and John Kerry. Amazingly, they've already started their campaign to discredit these two Vietnam war heroes with one anti-Christian paintbrush.

We're not the ones convincing McCain to make the leap. His own party is doing it for us.

Kerry and McCain Shield Communist Vietnam's Slaughter of Christians
David Thibault,

The Vietnamese communist government's alleged murder of hundreds of tribal Christians requires a response by the U.S. government, but any effort to sanction Vietnam is being blocked by Sens. John Kerry and John McCain, according to a Washington, D.C., human rights group.

International Christian Concern President Jeff King also alleges that he's heard complaints about Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat running for president, and McCain, an Arizona Republican who ran for president in 2000, from some of their congressional colleagues on Vietnam's abuses.

"Senators have complained to us that these guys are the fast friends of the Vietnamese, and they've blocked any real attempt at reform or punishment for these types of abuses, and so Vietnam continues to get away with murder," King told

When asked to name the senators who had complained, King quickly replied, "No way." But he added, "It's not a political thing."

Kerry and McCain are "known as being big defenders of Vietnam," and the senators unhappy with Kerry and McCain are "people with a human rights angle," King said.
Yeah...human rights really suck ass. And McCain was sure given lots of reasons to love Vietnam while he was a guest at the Hanoi Hilton, just as Kerry must really miss strafing gunfire.

How these people sleep at night is beyond me.