Tuesday, May 18

Dean Swings For Kerry

Click here NOW to contribute!Dr. Howard Dean is sending this message to his grassroots folks. Very nice to see the good doc still fighting the good fight. Click the graphic here to kick in a few bucks.

George Bush cannot be trusted to tell the truth. He misled us about Iraq and his administration's paranoid secrecy cuts the public off from information about our government's actions. He would not testify under oath to the September 11th commission -- and could not even meet the commission in private without Dick Cheney's supervision.

He cannot be trusted with our safety. George Bush has thrown away 60 years of America's moral leadership in the world and left us in weak isolation. He has stretched our military dangerously thin by rushing into Iraq, and by sending National Guard and Reserve troops to join them, left our homeland unprotected.

And George Bush simply cannot be trusted with our future. The millions of jobs lost have weakened our economy. More Americans are sick because he has failed to help the tens of millions of us who have no health insurance. And his attempts to divide us by race, gender and sexual orientation are weakening the fabric of our society.

The first step in making America strong again is electing John Kerry. And today the famous fundraising bat is in your hands to help Senator Kerry take his message to the American people.

We had a spirited primary season this year. But the differences between any of the former Democratic candidates are nothing compared to the fundamental difference between the Democratic agenda and the right-wing ideologues who are destroying this country.

John Kerry will restore American values and our nation's traditional purpose in the world. And the millions of engaged citizens who will participate in this election will revive our democracy.

With your help, we can take our country back -- and take back the White House in 2004.

Governor Howard Dean M.D.