Wednesday, May 19

Miserable Failure: Military Edition

This is getting embarrassing, upsetting and just plain dangerous. We already knew the military didn't teach the troops anything about POW protocol. We now know they didn't teach them a damned thing about where to drop bombs.

If we took over Iraq for their own good, we're really f*cking it up - to the point where it's gone too far to fix. The hearts and minds are lost. But this time, unlike Afghanistan in the 80s, we're neglecting them while we're there, not after we leave. How in the name of God, Allah, and everyone else shaking their heads over this, do we leave this thing without putting half the world in danger?

Al Arabiya television said at least 41 civilians were killed Wednesday in a U.S. air raid on an Iraqi village celebrating a wedding.
The Dubai-based network, quoting eyewitnesses in the town of al-Qaim on the Syrian border, said the frontier village of Makr al-Deeb was attacked before dawn.

Arabiya said the victims included women and children, and it showed pictures of several shrouded bodies lined up on a dirt road. Men were shown digging graves and lowering bodies, one of a child, into the pits while relatives wept.

"The U.S. planes dropped more than 100 bombs on us," an unidentified man who said he was from the village said on Al Arabiya. "They hit two homes where the wedding was being held and then they leveled the whole village. No bullets were fired by us, nothing was happening," he added.