Wednesday, May 19

Jews For Bush - I Don't Get It

Being a member of The Tribe myself, I really cannot understand this mindset (from Page One of today's L.A. Times). Bush has managed to make the Middle East more unstable, more anti-U.S. and as a result more anti-Israel among the Arab nations.

The notion that we're now facing the same terrorism that Israel has been facing REALLY doesn't sway me toward Bush. Call me crazy, but things just seem to have gotten so miserable under his watch.

The act of terror against the U.S. drew the world toward us. Bush completely dismantled that and the world now looks at us like the abusive husband we've become. I just don't get it...

Bush Gains in Efforts to Win Over Jewish Vote

Stuart Weil, a ponytailed tropical fish farmer from Fresno, is a longtime Democrat who regularly attends synagogue. Four years ago, he voted for Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore. This year, not only does he plan to vote for President Bush, he's urging his Jewish friends to do the same.

"He is the first president to understand the world in terms of terrorism," said Weil, 51, one of more than 4,000 delegates this week at the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the nation's preeminent pro-Israel lobby.

"He understands that the terrorism Israel has had is now the terrorism the U.S. has."

On Tuesday, Weil and thousands of other AIPAC members welcomed Bush to their annual meeting with 21 standing ovations - a thunderous display of affection from an audience that, while always hawkish on Israel, had long been a home to more Democrats than Republicans.