Wednesday, September 17

Another Reason To Love The Man In Black

From Today's Jamaica Gleaner:
Cash contributes to Jamaican charity
published: Wednesday | September 17, 2003

Photo from SOS-Jamaica website

OFFICIALS WITH SOS Children's Villages were surprised the family of Johnny Cash requested donations in his memory be sent to them.

The singer, who died Friday, had worked with the charitable organisation near his home in Jamaica, often visiting the children it supported and following their progress.

Cash lived next to the village that opened in 1972 and regularly visited it, charity officials said.

He also donated money for construction of a home in the village and occasionally entertained children there with his music.
We've been going to Jamaica for several years (in fact, we'll be there this coming winter), and were very much aware that Cash had a home there. Jamaicans are amazing people who genuinely treasure their children. This is exciting news for a little country that's seen its share of hard times.

Thank you, Johnny. You can contribute to the SOS Children's Village in Jamaica by clicking here.