Sunday, September 19


Okay - we now know the Freeper who goes by the name of Buckhead who went after the fonts on the CBS Bush docs minutes after it aired is really Harry W. MacDougald, an Atlanta attorney who drafted the Clinton disbarment papers. Got all that?

Good. Jer sends along this letter he sent to the RNC in 2002. Apparently, Trent Lott wasn't pinning the wingnut meter enough for Buckhead MacDougald. Buckhead's got issues. And if you look at him...

...yup. Wussy wingnut faux tough guy. A real sweetheart. Here's his tough guy letter.
Trent Lott must resign as majority leader. I have been voting Republican and giving money and been active in the Party for many years. I have always been appalled by Trent Lott, and have always thought of him has as an unctuous, gutless, spineless, craven helmet-haired weasel of the first order. He surrenders to the enemy more than the French. He is a doormat for Daschle, and was a knee-pad wearing accessory after the fact for his secret crush, Bill Clinton.

He is a vacuous, vapid ignoramus. He is the author of Lott's Doctrine of Preemptive Capitulation. Except, of course, when he is sticking it to his own party. Then he is willing to burn down the Senate in order to preserve his sinecure and the perquisites of his office. He is a disgusting rodent of a man but is really much more of a Nancy Boy than a man.

Rather than letting him gratify his ego lust by hanging on to the Senate Majority Leadership, may I suggest just paying someone to walk around behind him calling him "Leader" every few minutes in a room full of mirrors, and throwing in a life-time supply of Aqua Net hairspray? He would be equally happy, and we would all be a lot better off.

The latest imbroglio is just more more good reason this pathetic loser, this pale pint-size knock-off of a genuine leader, has to be removed from the leadership. He has got us so far off message we need a trip planner and a telescope to find it again. He has gladly capitulated to a constellation of race-hustling poverty pimps in an repellent effort to hang on at all costs.

Get rid of this weasel or go down in flames with him.

Harry W. MacDougald
Atlanta, GA
Charming. This is what the GOP refers to as a one of those "good" attorneys. As Jer said - if the Nixon plumbers had the internet...