Monday, September 27

It Just Keeps Getting Weirder

In the race for California's 26th district (better known as the Inbred Inland Empire), Rep. David Dreier is still in the closet, but his opponent? Well, here's a wacky development...
Dreier's challenger acknowledges she is a lesbian, rebukes his positions on gay issues

In a surprising twist to an already unusual California congressional race, the Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican Congressman David Dreier has told RAW STORY that she is a lesbian, and has made a series of conditional statements rebuking Dreier's position on gay issues while concurrently questioning the payment arrangements with his chief of staff Brad Smith.

Her statement makes this the first known time in history an openly gay candidate has run against another candidate also believed to be gay. The L.A. Times, presented with this information, has said they are not planning a story.

Democrat Cynthia Matthews, who has not kept her sexuality secret from the press, said Saturday that she was proud of her relationship with her same-sex partner.