Saturday, September 18

What We're Up Against

Back in normal days, this kind of thinking would be fringe. Today, it represents half of America's poll respondents. This message wafted in to us:
Saddam Hussein would have done his best to lay waste to Washington D.C. sooner than later. His sons were in training for the baddest guy in town and eventually the world.

GW is a hero in fact! He had the balls to say to Saddam "Stop and decist, show us your hand or else".

On the other side of reality, I believe John Kerry would sit on his hands watching the greatest country in the world be destroyed even witout a fight rather than show a stand against his great and wonderful UN.

Lorin, you seem to be a fan of "reality" - even though your version of it is a friggin' fairy tale your brain has chosen to accept.

If only the little crackhead you call a "hero" displayed any evidence of possessing balls when he was quaking and peeing his pants in that Florida classroom for 7 minutes while New York AND Washington WERE under attack, I could almost somewhat try to begin to understand your believing a single word you wrote.

No, Bush didn't sit on his hands as cities were being destroyed. His hands were being used to hide behind "My Pet Goat."

Could your memory and acceptance of the documented facts be any worse, Lorin?

Bush's base, ladies and gentlemen.